5 Ways to Get Lush, Green Grass

Would your front and backyard look great, if only you could make the grass green? If your yard could easily be described as a large patch of dry, brittle, yellowish-brown grass, you may be shocked to learn that there are various ways you can finally get the lush, dark green grass that will leave everyone green with envy. Although this would be easier if you had started working on your lawn in the early spring, you still several options available.

Sunshine, Blue Sky and Beautiful Green Grass

Give your grass plenty of water.

If your grass is simply discolored and wilted, but not dead, regular watering can bring back a green he and help maintain it. For the best results, you should water your yard three times a week for a period of time that is long enough to allow the soil one inch underground to become damp. (If you live in an area with a water ban, put out something to collect water when (if) it rains. This will give you rainwater to use on days you are not allowed to do so.)

Spread some fertilizer.

Opt for a fertilizer that is full of nitrogen because nitrogen is known for giving grass a boost that helps it grow quickly and gives it an amazing dark green color. However, don’t overdo it. Simply put down one or two applications for a quick greening effect. Don’t forget to water the grass more frequently to help it maintain its color.

Make sure you are getting a high rated fertilizer spreader so that you do not waste money on buying extra fertilizer because the spreader spreads unevenly or breaks down on you halfway through the seeding or fertilizing. If you have a huge yard or field to maintain, check out a top tow behind spreader that can be pulled behind farm equipment, 4 wheeler, or a standard tractor.

Apply an iron supplement.

Did you know that many golf courses use iron to get the beautiful grass they are famous for? You really are supposed to do this during the spring or on a day when the daytime temperature barely exceeds 70⁰ F, but you can also try it during the summer and see what kind of results you get. If you do apply iron, keep it off the sidewalks and driveways because it can stain them.

Paint your yard.

painting grass green

If you feel that your yard is simply too far gone to benefit from water, fertilizer, and iron, you may find that paint is your best option. You may have noticed local fast food restaurants will spray-paint the yard in order to get a uniform color fast.  There are a number of paints on the market that are designed specifically for grass. Using a spray gun, the job is pretty easy and will definitely ensure a lush green yard.

Consider having a synthetic yard installed.

Although this can be expensive, especially if you hire professionals to do it for you, this is an option that more and more people are turning to. After all, it eliminates the need for cutting, watering, pulling weeds, etc. and you can be 100% certain your grass will look absolutely gorgeous regardless of how dry or cold it may get outside.

If you are tired of pulling up in front of your home only to be greeted by a yard that looks neglected, you can do something about it. Using the methods discussed above, it is possible to get the thick, dark green grass that you have always coveted.